25 Good Things About Having ADHD

art business close up 279415 BWCertainly, when it comes to ADHD, one size does not fit all. We have the great privilege at Springboard of hearing stories from people of all walks of life and of all different ages. Every story is unique, and with every individual we meet, we are learning and growing alongside those who are seeking assessment or treatment services. That being said, we do see many common themes amongst those that seek support for attention issues, and we also get the privilege of hearing of the many “strengths” or gifts that can come part and parcel with a diagnosis like ADHD.

Many individuals with ADHD are resilient, easily think outside of the box, can hyper-focus in areas of high interest, and can come alive in situations of stress. They can often be the life of the party, or the person that has the energy to (literally and figuratively) go the extra mile. Check out our list of 25 Good Things About Having ADHD and see if any of them apply to you or your loved one! Remember, that by focusing on your strengths, and by building your self-esteem, you can help build momentum and be creative in your problem solving! Finding your strengths is part of how you can overcome your challenges.



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