3 tips for bringing a little "peace and joy" into your holiday season

The holiday season can be busy and stressful at times. We always talk about this time of year as a time to slow down and be with those who are near and dear to us. It is a time where we can reminisce about the magic we experienced as children, and as a community step away from the grind of the everyday. But, if we are honest about it, the holiday season often comes with a lot of highs and lows.

Holiday stress and ADHDHere are 3 tips to think about as you navigate your family holiday season:

1. Try not to romanticize it all.

Move away from your idea of how the holidays "should" be, and remind yourself that the magic of this time of year is often found in unexpected moments. So let your guard down and welcome the chaos of it all. Work toward letting go of the stuff that adds expectation and anxiety, and makes it hard to roll with what's right for you and your crew. (Tip: Take a few minutes and write down your intentions for your own headspace and vibe this holiday)

2. Take an hour a day to yourself (or at least 5 minutes!)

Close your door and put on a meditation tape. Run a bath. Write in your journal. Walk around the block. Sign up for a workout class. Go for a run. Throw on a favourite podcast. Read your book. Whatever you do, don't go a whole day without stepping away from the madness and taking a breather. Often when you are hosting, or visiting, or parenting, you can go way longer than you realize without taking a moment to yourself. You need to rejuvenate! (Tip: Set a daily reminder on your phone to take a step away)

3. Don't try to do or be everything for everyone.

When you have lots of people around, it can be easy to start taking on everyone else's emotions, and that can get in the way of your positive head space. As much as you can, focus on your own feelings and look for your moments of joy. Set aside one-on-one time with family members or friends, and focus on connected experiences. Whatever you do, don't lose your connection with your own head space.

If all else fails, put on a catchy song and have a family dance party!

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