3 Tips for staying ahead of "Winter Blues"

As the days get darker and the weather gets colder, it can be challenging to stay on top of routines and healthy lifestyle habits. As you can imagine, this can not only play a role in our daily productivity, but can greatly impact your mood.

Since we know that individuals with ADHD have a tough time with routines at the best of times, here are 3 tips to stay on top of things and stay ahead of the "winter blues":

winter and ADHD1. Dress for the cold and brave it.

There is no replacement for outside time for your well-being. If you've been walking to work in the summer or fall, or your children have been playing outside before dinner- why get rid of this routine? Put on some extra layers, and get outside- at least once a day. What if it's actually too cold? Brainstorm how you can get a similar outlet in your life - anything that gets you moving!

2. Keep up with a morning routine, even in the dark.

Yes, we know - it can be hard to get up early in the AM this time of year - that "snooze" button can become way too tempting. To help, consider a fun song as your wake up, or look into a "gradual light" alarm clock that can help you feel more awake. It might even be a note/message to yourself that you keep beside your bed to motivate/inspire you. Staying on track with your morning routine can set the tone for your day and help with your focus all day long!

3. Don't go it alone. There is power with company.

It can be easy to get isolated this time of year. It feels too cold or dark to head out to meet a friend, and the vibe out on the street turns from fun on patios and in parks, to speed walking to the next building. Make sure to keep connected with your social network and make plans in advance so that you actually go. Maybe it's signing up for an improv class, or keeping an eye on local theatre offerings, just make sure you are at seeing friends a couple of times a week!

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