ADHD Support Groups in Ontario

Are you an ADHD adult who is looking to meet like-minded individuals? If so, an ADHD support group might be for you.

These groups – which are popping up all over Ontario – are a great opportunity to discuss the challenges and benefits associated with ADHD, as well as to share some ideas and strategies...

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Cogmed: Does working memory training work?

This question seems to be popping up more and more lately. There has been a surge of recent research and publicity related to the training program, so it’s no wonder people are curious.

First of all, if your initial reaction to the above paragraph is, “what are you talking about?” here’s a quick Cogmed 101:

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Friendship coaching: An idea to improve social skills in ADHD children

Friendship coaching involves a series of skills that any parent can learn to support ADHD children who have a hard time on play dates or in social situations. While it may be more common for parents to take on the role of soccer or baseball coach for their kids, research shows that it may be effective for you to also be your child’s ‘in the moment’ coach focusing on improving social skills...

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