Why ADHD coaching is a worthwhile investment

In an article posted on LinkedIn, John Donahoe, a CEO at eBay, writes a persuasive argument about the benefits of both time off and regularly reflecting on how you spend your time. In this article, he argues that the key to enhancing performance involves the process of learning: stepping back, considering what you have learned in the recent past,...

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Why you should consider ADHD Coaching over Executive Coaching

Whether you’re starting a new career or you’re a master of your trade, everyone can benefit from coaching. But, if you have ADHD, many people wonder: Is Executive Coaching right for me, or should I seek out ADHD Coaching?

First of all, working with any type of coach is a healthy outlet for life’s more frustrating moments...

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The importance of treating ADHD in adulthood

ADHD is not just a childhood issue, but a long-term condition.

Although those impacted directly by ADHD as an adult know that the disorder can affect individuals across the lifespan, there are many people who continue to believe that you can outgrow it. Because of this, it was refreshing to see a recent article in The Globe and Mail detailing the findings of a study that sought evidence against this common belief...

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