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When ADHD coaching doesn't work

ADHD coaching can be a worthwhile and valuable investment. It gives support, structure, and accountability to help you define goals and move forward. It helps you step back, reflect on progress, and re-calibrate your focus. All from the perspective of understanding ADHD and what that means for you.

In our blog 'ADHD Coaching: How to get the most out of treatment', we talked about when ADHD coaching works. But what about when ADHD coaching doesn't work? Why is it not effective for some people?

Here are a few potential reasons why ADHD coaching might not work for you:

  1. You're not ready. Some people who start coaching might be on the fence about change or doing the work to change. If you're thinking about change but your motivation isn't there yet, you might not get a lot out of coaching.

  2. You don't actually want to be there. The most common time we see lack of progress in coaching is when somebody comes in at the request of someone else. These are the adults who are only there because of their partner. Or the teenagers who are only there because their parents told them to be. You might be "willing" to show up, but if you're doing this for anybody but yourself, you won't get far in the process.

  3. You're not working on your own priorities. Like the above, if you're working on something that's not important to you, you won't get far. Let's say your partner insists on dealing with your messiness, but you don't see this as a big deal. You might be able to make some superficial changes for them, but it won't last long. True change comes from working on priorities that are YOUR priorities - nobody else's.

  4. There are other things going on that are complicating your progress. For instance, if you're dealing with depression or anxiety, these symptoms sometimes impact how far you get in coaching. In a case like this, the support you need might go beyond the scope of coaching. In therapy, for example, you might shift away from goal setting for a bit and focus on coping skills.

  5. You don't connect with your coach. If you don't feel comfortable with your coach, it can impact your progress. If this happens to you, trust your gut and request to meet with someone else. A good coach won't take this personally - they know how important the relationship is in coaching. We all have different personalities and styles and sometimes they just don't mesh well together.

  6. You or your coach aren't focusing on understanding ADHD. ADHD coaching needs to focus on understanding ADHD and how it impacts your life. Without that perspective, you might focus on the wrong strategies or approaches. This type of brain is unique and sometimes requires more unique approaches. By ignoring that, it can significantly impact your progress!

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Or, click here to learn more about ADHD Coaching at Springboard Clinic!

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