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ADHD Coaching: Group Coaching vs. Individual Coaching

If you've been looking into ADHD coaching as a treatment option, you might have noticed that many clinics (including ours) offer both individual coaching and group coaching. One obvious benefit of group coaching is that it is financially more cost effective than individual coaching. But aside from that, what are the benefits of group coaching vs. individual coaching? What option would truly work best for you?

There really is no right answer to this question - different people learn in different ways, and what's best for you might not be best for everybody. Just know that when trying to decide whether to join an ADHD coaching group or to start individual sessions - neither option is inherently better or worse than the other. They're just different.

Not too long ago, we put up a post talking about the benefits of working in a group. As an extension of this, we thought we would review this list, and offer some counterpoints as you decide your own personal style and what you could get out of either option:

          • Point 1: When you're stuck on something, a group can give you a fresh perspective.

Some people really love the opportunity to consider approaches or even topics that they may not have previously considered.

On the other hand, individual coaching allows you to go more in-depth with your blockers, where you're exploring different perspectives in a one-on-one setting with a coach.

          • Point 2: You have a chance to get and give ideas and strategies.

As above, even if an idea isn't directly relevant to you, it can be very interesting hearing strategies that have worked for others and seeing how they could potentially translate to your life. Not only that, hearing from others takes some of the pressure off your own process - the attention isn't completely on you, so you can take information in at your own pace.

On the other hand, individual coaching offers a more individualized process. There is no specific curriculum you'll follow in individual sessions other than focusing on your specific priorities. This means that you're also learning at your own pace, but from a different angle.

          • Point 3: By working in a group, you're connecting with other people with a common interest.

This is a hard point to argue against - it can be incredibly powerful connecting with other adults with an ADHD diagnosis, and this is something you don't get with individual coaching. Yes, your coach can give you insight into common experiences with ADHD and strategies that others have tried, but it isn't quite the same as hearing it from others directly.

          • Point 4: A group can help keep you motivated as you work on your own goals.

Some people find a great amount of motivation working with others and knowing you're all working toward different, but similar goals. There's enough pressure to know you're accountable to others - even if you don't need to share your successes or difficulties from the week.

Others, however, prefer the more 'intense' accountability of an individual coach. Working one-on-one with someone means that you're getting personalized attention, and you're guaranteed the opportunity to really break down your goals and what went well or not well with them.

So there you have it - a few important points to consider while you're deciding what coaching approach might work best for you.

If you'd like more information about individual coaching, check out Springboard's treatment information page.

Or, if you're more partial to group coaching, register for our November Adult Group: 

Thursday evenings in November 2015, 7:00pm - 8:30pm (November 5, 12, 19, 26)
Facilitated by Tara Boulden and Patti Thompson from Springboard Clinic
Cost of $360 per person
To register or for more information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or 416-901-3077


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