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Support for ADHD: Finding your SELF by building a support team

If you've been diagnosed with ADHD, you might have figured out already that moving forward isn't necessarily a quick-and-easy, straightforward process. This is not surprising if you scale back and consider the big picture - as human beings we're not exactly straightforward from the get-go, so this is no different!

Truly sustainable support for ADHD takes time - it's a process of self-awareness, and separating yourself from your symptoms. It involves setting up the environment around you to be a little bit more ADHD-friendly, and building tools in your toolbox that work for you and your brain, vs. what may work for other people. It involves acknowledging and accepting that yes, symptoms of ADHD tend to remain fairly stable over time, but we can change the impact of those symptoms on all aspects of our lives.

At Springboard Clinic, we follow a philosophy called Finding your SELF when helping support those with ADHD. Finding your SELF involves a lot of the above, but one important aspect that often gets overlooked is "you and your team." Yes, you are an individual and this is technically your individual journey, but to help support that journey it's essential to build a team around you. We all need people in our corner who understand what we're going through; we need people who speak our language, and to work with us to develop those tools and coping strategies that will help us thrive.

We've talked about this idea before - it's difficult to go at it alone, and unfair to expect ourselves to do so! Your team might include family, friends, colleagues, members of the Springboard community, online support group members...the options are limitless. The key here is to seek out that support; many people in our lives are more than willing to offer support, but they won't know unless we ask...unless we communicate with them that we want them to be part of our team.

So, if you're an adult with ADHD, or a parent of a child with ADHD, now is the time to ask yourself: Who is on my support team? If I'm going at it alone right now, who can I add to the roster?

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