Friendship coaching: An idea to improve social skills in ADHD children

Friendship coaching involves a series of skills that any parent can learn to support ADHD children who have a hard time on play dates or in social situations. While it may be more common for parents to take on the role of soccer or baseball coach for their kids, research shows that it may be effective for you to also be your child’s ‘in the moment’ coach focusing on improving social skills.

One particular research study – ‘Parental Influence on Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder: II. Results of a Pilot Intervention Training Parents as Friendship Coaches for Children‘ (check out the abstract here) – found that when when parents received training in ‘parental friendship coaching’, their facilitation, corrective feedback, and lower levels of criticism helped improve the quality of friendships and social skills for their kids.

To learn more about friendship coaching and the research behind it, we highly recommend checking out this blog.

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