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Why you should consider ADHD Coaching over Executive Coaching

Whether you’re starting a new career or you’re a master of your trade, everyone can benefit from coaching. But, if you have ADHD, many people wonder: Is Executive Coaching right for me, or should I seek out ADHD Coaching?

First of all, working with any type of coach is a healthy outlet for life’s more frustrating moments (Read: an unappreciative boss who seems to be stifling your career at every opportunity). Secondly, it can be an enlightening journey to discover your strengths, goals, and self-confidence. On top of all that, many coaches provide their services over the phone or Skype, so you need hardly miss work.

That being said, if an employee has ADHD, the average Executive Coach may be ill-equipped for their particular challenges – and they very likely need an ADHD coach instead.

There are three main reasons for this:

  1. Intention does not equal action. People with ADHD usually have an excellent ability to make goals, but where they struggle is the execution of these goals. ADHD impacts the neurotransmitters in the pre-frontal cortex of the brain, which in turn impacts an individual’s ability to self-motivate, start tasks, complete tasks, and predict how long it will take to accomplish a task. Because of this, it is not enough to help an ADHD individual plan and prioritize goals. The coach must understand the cognitive “blockers” that come with ADHD in order to help design appropriate strategies to overcome them.
  2. Strategies that work for the average brain will not work for the ADHD brain. You may have noticed that individuals with ADHD are particularly effective during brainstorming sessions, or they often have unique approaches to solving problems. Again, this is due to the differences in the pre-frontal cortex. While these differences allow for creative outside-the-box thinking, this also means that the typical organizational and time management strategies just don’t work for an individual with ADHD. So, while an executive coach’s systems and ideas may be effective for most clients, an ADHD coach is required to help probe the ADHD brain and uncover the way it sees “organization” and “time management,” which is often the opposite of the norm!
  3. Repeated failure requires a breakthrough. Individuals with ADHD usually have a history of big ideas that don’t come to fruition. As a result, they often mistrust their intentions – they feel as though they have let themselves and others down on too many occasions, and so they lose their confidence in their ability to move forward. An ADHD coach understands ADHD, and is therefore equipped to help an individual understand the diagnosis, and how it may be impacting their life. With this, they can start separating symptoms from their identity, and build up their confidence again.

Perhaps circulate this around your office if you’re having trouble getting your company to pay for ADHD Coaching!

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