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Group coaching for ADHD: The Benefits of Working in a Group

As a treatment option for ADHD, Springboard Clinic regularly runs groups for ADHD adults. These groups are cost-effective, yes. But there are some other awesome benefits to being part of a group like this.

Benefits of working in a groupSometimes people have negative memories of group work, usually from the days of group projects at school. If that’s you, consider the fact that in the past, maybe you and your group members weren’t quite on the same page. With school projects, there will inevitably be varying levels of motivation, and you won’t always be working toward the same goal. We are sure this will be different.

What if everybody who shows up actually wants to be there? What if you’re working in a group – any group – where you’re all working toward something similar; where you’re all essentially on the same page. Maybe it wouldn’t be quite so dreadful!

Hear us out:

  • When you’re stuck on something, a group can give you a fresh perspective. People who are removed from your situation can often give insight into tricky situations that you might not have considered. Groups are a great platform to help you step outside of yourself and see things with fresh eyes!
  • You have a chance to get and give ideas and strategies. Even if an idea doesn’t end up being relevant to you, it can be very interesting hearing some strategies that have worked for others. If anything it can give you some insight into what types of idea could work for you. On the other end, if you came up with an idea that worked really well for you, it feels great to be able to share it with others. Why keep that to yourself?
  • By working in a group, you’re connecting with other people with a common interest. In the context of our group, this means that you’re connecting with other adults with an ADHD diagnosis. Even with a work project, though, it can be really powerful connecting with others who are in the trenches with you.
  • A group can help keep you motivated as you work on your own goals. By working with other people you’re all holding each other accountable, which can be really motivating. You’re all in this together!

For more information about Springboard Clinic’s next Adult ADHD Group please click here. Or, you can contact us at 416-901-3077 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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