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But, without the lows, there are no highs

Highs and lowsWe often don’t see individuals or couples at Springboard until they have hit their personal low points. Perhaps because of stigma or a lack of awareness, by the time adult clients ask for help, they are in a tough place. Commonly, secondary emotional effects are ravaging their lives. They are unable to see straight and don’t know where to start. It feels like personal devastation..


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My Brain Needs Glasses

MyBrainNeedsGlasses BlogIt was at one of the many conferences that Dr. Gray has attended over the years that she heard Dr. Annick Vincent, a psychiatrist from Quebec, use an innovative but simple analogy for taking daily stimulant medication. An ADHD specialist and leader, Dr. Vincent has written books and used this description to help share how stimulants work for individuals of all ages. She is an important voice in dispelling fears about ADHD medication.

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Don’t try to do it alone: The case for coaching to greatness

ADHD coachingSpringboard was founded with a strong belief in and understanding of the power of coaching. We believe that you are the expert of you, but a coach can offer a second set of eyes, ears, and ideas. A coach can help you cultivate a space to explore your goals with creativity, without judgement, and create a vision for betterness designed by you...

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Got ADHD? Get moving!

Exercise and ADHDWe've talked before about the benefits of exercise in helping manage symptoms of ADHD (here and here). And, based on our our experience, we've seen how adding regular movement-oriented activities can improve mood and focus.

But why is exercise so helpful?

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