Testing for ADHD: Can Brain Scans help Diagnose ADHD?

brain scan to test for ADHDIn the article: Can Brain Scans Help Diagnose ADHD? the author explores an interesting debate. Some clinicians have been using neuroimaging techniques as part of an ADHD evaluation. But how effective are they? From what it sounds like, many proponents of brain scans know the results need to be taken into context. Many more recognize that neuroimaging techniques should not be a standalone diagnostic tool.

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Testing for ADHD: Is it Bipolar Disorder or ADHD?

Symptoms of ADHD can sometimes look like Bipolar Disorder – there is a huge overlap in symptoms, such as physical restlessness, distractibility, irritability, rapid or impulsive speech, and so on…and unfortunately, because of this, we’ve often seen individuals misdiagnosed with Bipolar Disorder (often by professionals with little or no experience with ADHD) and vice-versa...

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When was ADHD first diagnosed?

Springboard Clinic recently turned five years old, and this has inevitably led to some introspection on our parts with respect to how far we’ve come as a clinic. Since opening our doors, we’ve expanded and honed our assessment and treatment options, we’ve grown our staff, and even started the process of branching off across the country.

We’ve seen so much growth within our walls, but what about the world of ADHD in and of itself. How far have we come in understanding ADHD? As a starting point, it might be worth looking at when ADHD was first diagnosed.

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