At what age should I have an ADHD assessment for my child?

Many doctors and psychologists refuse to conduct an ADHD assessment for children before the age of 5 or 6, and they have good reason. ADHD is a developmental disorder, and when a child is still in preschool or kindergarten they still have a lot of developing left to do. Not only that, labeling a child too early may create unnecessary worry for parents, and runs the risk of impacting a child’s self-esteem...

What about the other side of the argument? What about the children under the age of 6 who are already exhibiting concerning or disruptive behaviour?

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What to ask before booking an ADHD assessment

If you or a family member has been struggling with focusing challenges, you know how isolating it can feel. ADHD impacts every individual differently, and because you will be unique in your struggle, it can be difficult to find customized support. The worst experience is deciding you want help, committing to an assessment, and then being sent away to figure out a treatment plan elsewhere...

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Children more likely to be given an ADHD diagnosis when they’re born later in the year

An article published in the Globe and Mail earlier this week (click here) seems to have re-ignited a long-standing debate about the potential over-diagnosis of children with ADHD.

To make a long story short, the Canadian Medical Association Journal published a study on Monday that found children are much more likely to be given an ADHD diagnosis when they're born later in the year...

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