Am I too old to get tested for ADHD?

How old is too old for an ADHD assessment? Am I too old to get tested?

hourglassThe short answer is that you're never too old to get tested for ADHD - just as you're never too old for a fresh start!

We've talked before about how important it is to get a thorough ADHD assessment - and it's not just about a diagnosis. An ADHD assessment helps you better understand your brain and what's been getting in the way of meeting your good intentions. It also helps provide a framework for potential next steps and treatment options.

As you get older, this doesn't change. ADHD is not a childhood disorder, and it doesn't just impact you when you're in school. It can have an effect on interpersonal relationships, work, mental health, and more.

Not only that, as an adult who potentially has ADHD, it's likely that your self-concept has been pretty wrapped up into your challenges and symptoms. Many adults who get tested for ADHD tell us that one of the biggest benefits of an assessment is learning that they're not "stupid" or "lazy" - there has been something very real happening in their brain making things tougher for them.

For a great example of an older adult going through an ADHD assessment, check out The Many Faces of ADHD: Betty, a Grandmother. This story of an 85-year-old woman is inspiring for any adult thinking might be 'too late' to get tested for ADHD or do anything about it!

For more information about the ADHD assessment process at Springboard check out Assessments: Understanding your Unique Needs


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