Why it’s important to get a thorough ADHD assessment


If you think you (or a loved one) may have ADHD, it’s important to get a thorough ADHD assessment. This doesn’t mean sitting down and answering a couple of yes or no questions, or trying a stimulant to see if it works – attention difficulties have many causes, anywhere from a sleep disorder to an anxiety disorder. You need a professional who knows the difference and an assessment that will dig deep.

Why is this important?

Getting an ADHD assessment is not just about getting a diagnosis. A good assessment will provide you with a framework for exploring potential treatment options and strategies, and help set up the right accommodations where appropriate.

More importantly, this is essential in helping you better understand what may be affecting your well-being and ability to follow-through on goals and good intentions. Understanding the cause is also key to repairing self-esteem.

Because really, how can you ever know how to move forward if you don’t know what’s getting in the way?

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