Michael Phelps has mastered the psychology of speed

In honour of the Olympic Games, click here for an interesting article about Michael Phelps and the mental advantage he seems to have over his competitors.

Essentially, the article argues that Michael thrives on the energy surges and adrenaline produced from high-pressure situations – like the Olympics – where his concentration and athletic abilities are actually enhanced with the stress...

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Calgary Researcher Challenges Stereotypes in ADHD Children

 We recently came across a post on the CBC website about Emma Climie, a researcher at the University of Calgary who is studying ADHD children from a refreshing perspective.

In an attempt to move away from the current model of deficit-focused research, her aim is to focus on what ADHD children can do, instead of the difficulties associated with the diagnosis. Her aim is to raise a more comprehensive awareness of what ADHD actually is as way to better help support children in the classroom.

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Bubba Watson: One of many athletes with ADHD

Over the years, many different athletes with ADHD have come forward with their diagnoses – the one you may be most familiar with is Olympic champion (14 times over) Michael Phelps. As it turns out, ADHD is not uncommon among exceptional athletes, and it seems that many golfers in particular have the disorder. In fact, golf is often described as “the perfect ADD sport…it combines structure and novelty.”...

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De-bunking an ADHD Myth: We all have ADHD

“Everybody has trouble focusing and paying attention, so either we must all have ADHD, or it’s being wrongly diagnosed in others.”

Working in such a unique and specialized field, when asked the inevitable “what do you do” question outside of our clinic walls, our answer usually gets followed up by a number of questions and opinions about ADHD and its symptoms...

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