What it's like to have ADHD: An adult woman's perspective

What ADHD is like for a womanLast week, New York Magazine posted an article on their website called What It's Like to Have ADHD as a Grown Woman. This first person account by Rae Jacobson talks about the impact of the public's misunderstanding of adult ADHD, the frustration of not knowing what was "wrong" with her and then, the relief of a diagnosis. Rae's experience is obviously unique to her, but the story sounds similar to many of the stories we've heard from adults at the clinic. When you have ADHD symptoms but no diagnosis, it can be easily to attribute your challenges to personal failings. With a diagnosis, you can start naming your symptoms for what they are, and separating them from your identity. We strongly recommend checking the article out!

Emotional Regulation in ADHD

regulating emotions with ADHDAlthough it isn't included in the diagnostic criteria for ADHD, emotional regulation has become an important piece of the puzzle in our understanding of the disorder. Children and adults with ADHD often have difficulty managing big feelings that come up in the moment.

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Interesting ways ADHD can impact your life

impact of ADHDMost of us are aware of the the “cardinal” symptoms of ADHD, like inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. Many of us, however, aren’t as aware of how these and other ADHD symptoms can actually impact a person’s life. In fact, we often come across individuals with ADHD themselves who are surprised when we show them a potential connection between something going on in their life and ADHD...
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