October is ADHD Awareness month: Speak up!

Did you know that October is ADHD awareness month? This month, we urge you to take part in whatever way you can: Learn more about the disorder, join in the dialogue about what ADHD is and isn't, share you story with others (or with us!)...

ADHD is the most studied psychiatric diagnosis, but not enough people actually understand the disorder or what it looks like.

So, please don't be silent in your community - we want to work together to debunk myths and misunderstandings. We believe that by speaking out, we can de-stigmatize ADHD and make it easier for individuals of all ages to seek help.

Want some more ideas for active conversation? Check out this link for some information about myths and ADHD. 

To read about ADHD Awareness Month (and ADHD Awareness Week as it used to be called), check out our past blog: ADHD Awareness Week: What is it all about?

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