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You mean I'm not lazy, stupid, or crazy?!

You Mean I'm not Lazy, Stupid, or Crazy?! is a title of a book written for ADHD adults by Kate Kelley and Peggy Ramundo. We recommend checking out the book - but this post is not about the book. This post is about getting an ADHD diagnosis, and how powerful it can be to learn about the impact of ADHD symptoms on your life.

lazystupidcrazySpringboard recently wrapped up another group for ADHD adults, and, as in the past, the most consistent positive feedback was that members were able to normalize some of their challenges. They found it helpful to realize they're not alone. Many ADHD adults out there have similar challenges, and think or do things in a similar way. They found out: Maybe I'm not so crazy, if other people get it.

This is where awareness is so important. It can be such a burden thinking there's something fundamentally wrong with you. and only you.

Imagine finding out your brain just works a little bit different from the majority. Imagine knowing there are many other people out there who think in a similar way. These are people who have found ways to find support and work around their challenges. They've found ways to use their strengths to their advantage. How cool is that?

But, imagine you never found this out. Imagine nobody talked about this stuff, and everybody kept their struggles to themselves. Nobody would know the other person is dealing with, so everybody would just keep on struggling. 

Sounds pretty grim doesn't it?

But it doesn't have to be! This is why we need to keep talking about it. The collective 'we' needs to talk about ADHD, and get the world to understand. We need to understand it for ourselves! And, we can only do that by talking, learning, and talking some more!

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