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Bubba Watson: One of many athletes with ADHD

Over the years, many different athletes with ADHD have come forward with their diagnoses – the one you may be most familiar with is Olympic champion (14 times over) Michael Phelps. As it turns out, ADHD is not uncommon among exceptional athletes, and it seems that many golfers in particular have the disorder. In fact, golf is often described as “the perfect ADD sport…it combines structure and novelty.”

Those who follow golf (full disclosure – this writer does not) will know that Bubba Watson won the 2012 Masters Golf Tournament this past Sunday. This is a huge deal in the sports world – Bubba has never had a golf lesson, has never had a coach, and has been noted to say that Tiger Woods is the only person in the world he would ever take advice from about the game.

What is even more interesting to note about Bubba is that he is described as one of the most distractible, impatient, and restless players on the circuit. He is reported to be “in search of constant stimulation,” and often has difficulty managing his focus and nerves on the course.  What is particularly interesting about this is that one of the key symptoms we look for in diagnosing adult ADHD is underachievement, and although “Bubba has been successful…he’s underachieving because he hasn’t [consistently] won.” To be sure, Bubba does not have an official ADHD diagnosis, but when asked about the possibility that he may have it he is “sure” he does, and many experts agree with the possibility.

To read more about Bubba and the world of athletes with ADHD click here to access an article published in Golf Digest in 2009.

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