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What do you wish people knew about ADHD?

What do you wish people knew about ADHD? This is an important question that does not always get the time and attention it deserves. Despite a ton of progress, there are still so many myths and misconceptions out there about ADHD, and sometimes some people just don’t get it.

Springboard Clinic hosted our first “Evening Conversation about ADHD” last Monday, and it was the perfect opportunity to get some insight into this topic. We were able to connect with individuals from a variety of perspectives – parents of children with ADHD, teachers, adults with ADHD themselves – and ask them: What do you wish others in your life knew about ADHD? Here are their responses.


Group 1 – Parents of Children with ADHD:

“I wish other parents knew…

image…that ADHD is real.”

…the way ADHD works in the brain.”

…more about ADHD in general – the strengths and challenges that come with it.”

…what it’s like to walk in my shoes.”

…that play dates with ADHD children don’t have to be a nightmare, you might just have to change up the environment/activities. Don’t take them to the ballet if you know they have trouble sitting still!”

…kids/adults with ADHD have huge gifts, and often help challenge the status quo (think Steve Jobs!).”

“I wish teachers knew…

…if you look for strengths in students with ADHD, you’ll find them.”

…straight discipline isn’t the answer.”

…taking away recess and playtime is the worst thing you can do for discipline – children with ADHD need physical activity to survive.”

…the strategies that help children with ADHD will benefit all of the children in your classroom.”

…when we approach you with suggestions for support, we’re not being critical; we’re just trying to help support our child.”

…we know you’re busy, and we appreciate all your support.”



Group 2 – Adults with ADHD:

“I wish my partner/family/friends knew…

…ADHD is unique for each individual – it’s not one size fits all.”

…there can be shame associated with being ‘different’ – I need a supportive environment that understands that.”

…when you don’t have personal experience with ADHD, please don’t pretend like you ‘know’ what we’re going through – that can be frustrating.”


As you can imagine, these responses are only the tip of the iceberg and we would love to continue the conversation online, so, we gotta ask: What do YOU wish the people in your life knew about ADHD?


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