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Join Dr. Ainslie Gray for a live webcast June 13th

Free Professional Learning Event: The Many Faces of ADHD with Springboard's Dr. Ainslie Gray

ADHD often doesn’t present itself the way you might expect it to. Firstly, because there are still so many myths about what ADHD is and isn’t. We talked about this in another recent post. Secondly, although we hear many familiar themes in the experiences of people who have attention issues, every individual’s story and presentation is uniquely theirs. Thirdly, often the secondary issues created by untreated ADHD can make it hard to identify the root cause, and the initial diagnosis can get missed.

We believe that if we can build awareness of the “many faces of ADHD”, we can reduce stigma and encourage more people to seek help. As health practitioners, you might not initially think ADHD when an executive with anxiety comes in to see you, or when a busy mom with little children suffering from OCD is looking for help, or when a quiet teenager seems withdrawn and like “a dark cloud is suddenly hanging over her”.

Dr Gray WebinarKnowing a few key red flags to watch for and screeners to explore when individuals are suffering from mental health symptoms can facilitate hearing an individual’s story and help you "get to the root" of their challenges.

We have come so far in treating attention issues, and those that are properly diagnosed and supported have such great outcomes. Especially designed for health care providers, this webcast will help you think “outside of the box” when thinking about ADHD.

Check out our events page to learn more and get the direct link to join for this free professional learning event. This live webcast is a 60 minute presentation designed by Springboard's Dr. Ainslie Gray that will take you through four patient stories, with a focus on indicators to watch for and tools/tips that can help you in your health care work.






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