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Book Review: ‘Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults’

In part two of our fall book review, we are introducing a book called ‘Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults,’ by Lynn Weiss PhD, a leading expert in ADHD. While admittedly not the the most interesting title in the world, this book stands out to us because of the encouraging, alternate view of ADHD it emphasizes – a perspective Lynn Weiss has advocated for years. Lynn begins the book with a list of twenty-nine positive attributes of ADHD and, having been diagnosed herself, her personal story of struggle.


Although the book has many key points and great insight into ADHD, one main focus point we wanted to share with you is Lynn’s description of her three-pronged perspective on ADHD-ers: the true you, the wounded you, and the accommodating you.

In describing the true you, she emphasizes that there is nothing inherently wrong with exhibiting ADHD traits. She views ADHD as a ‘brainstyle’ and this way of thinking leads to great strengths for many (hence her 29 positive attributes).

However, trying to accommodate this ‘brainstyle’ into a daily world that requires sustaining attention, planning, organizing, attending, completing tasks, and all of those other executive functions that ADHD-ers struggle with, problems often arise. This is where the wounded you comes in: when an individual with ADHD brainstyle tries to keep up in a non-ADHD world. In acknowledging the wounded you, the book emphasizes the importance of not only acknowledging this side of yourself, but the importance of re-processing difficult emotions from the past with a more understanding view of ADHD and how it plays a role in your life.

Finally, the book finishes by discussing the accommodating you: the idea that certain accommodations need to be made in order for your true you to shine through in the world we live in today. She tackles important areas like challenges in the work place due to ADHD traits in the employee and the employer relationships, as well as some common difficulties when it comes to forming and maintaining intimate relationships (although this is only touched upon for what seems like a quick second).

Overall, the book provides adults with a positive and motivating perspective on ADHD. Lynn’s message is that there is nothing wrong with having an ADHD brainstyle – the problems an ADHD individual may encounter actually stem from trying to live and work in a non-ADHD world.

Click here to find more information about Lynn Weiss, her book ‘Attention Deficit Disorder in Adults,’ as well as her many other projects.

Small side note: there is also a workbook that accompanies the book that is intended to help an ADHD individual increase their awareness of their symptoms and provide some exercises to help overcome some of the challenges they face in day-to-day living. We didn’t really speak to it though because we find the format of the workbook quite daunting – there is a lot of material squeezed into the pages, which we personally find a bit difficult to engage in. This is only an opinion, however, so please feel free to check it out and see if it speaks to you.

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