ADHD Awareness Month at Springboard Clinic!

This October, Canada (and separately, the United States) celebrates ADHD Awareness Month - a month encouraging everyone to become more aware and informed about ADHD, and to "toss the myths, stereotypes, and widespread misinformation to the side."

In honour of this, Springboard Clinic is offering two options to help spread the word about ADHD: 

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Morning Routines and ADHD: How to Make Breakfast Happen!

Breakfast: The most important meal of the day. We're constantly bombarded with this message, so why does it so often get skipped?

There could be any number of reasons for this, but often when ADHD is in the picture it's a matter of "There's no time!!". Individuals with an ADHD diagnosis often struggle with time management and organization, so when the time comes to have breakfast, they're either already late, have other things they would rather be doing, or don't even think of it. Hands up if you relate to this even slightly!

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6 Self-Care Tips for Parents of ADHD Children

No one can argue the fact that parenting can be stressful. Even with the best intentions and all the love in the world - there's no doubt that it can get you down at times. On top of that, with an ADHD diagnosis in the picture, your stress levels have the potential to escalate to a whole new level. Regular ol' stress" has got nothing on trying to get an ADHD child up and going in the morning on time!

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17 Illustrations that give insight into an ADHD mind

For anyone out there with an ADHD diagnosis, check out 17 Illustrations that are Incredibly Real for Anyone with ADD. The illustrations are surprisingly insightful into what happens behind the scenes with an ADHD mind! We've mentioned this in the past, but it can be incredibly powerful knowing that others out there truly relate with similar experiences, including the feelings of frustration that can come with myths and misunderstandings of ADHD. This can also be a quick and easy link to share with a loved one that would benefit from a bit more insight into your internal world!