Thriving with ADHD: 5 Steps you can do before breakfast that will change your life

morningOne thing we’ve learned working with hundreds of clients with ADHD is that the way you start your day matters. Every day. A bad morning can quickly turn into missing work, pulling away from the habits that you know help, wishing ADHD away instead of facing it square on with your army/loved ones. Your forward momentum can turn quickly, and suddenly that old feeling of hopelessness can creep in.

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Is it you, me, or us? When your relationship is struggling...

Just over a year ago we posted Springboard Clinic in the Media, which linked to two articles written by our Director of Coaching/Health Education.

One of those articles, Is it you, me, or us? talks about ADHD and relationships, and the important questions we need to ask ourselves if and when our partnership is struggling. Yes, we're repeating ourselves by re-linking to the article, but it's such an important topic that it deserves the repeat. Check it out!

Mother's Day with ADHD: How to Keep it Happy!

mothersdayMother's Day is coming up on Sunday, which means you still have time to pull something together for your mother, the mother of your children...or really any special mother in your life. Now is the perfect time to tell them how much you appreciate them and all the work that they do. Parenting is tough (duh!), but particularly tough if ADHD is somewhere in the family...and sometimes that fact goes under-appreciated or unnoticed.

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Coming to Terms with your Child's ADHD Diagnosis

Just Diagnosed - Coping with your Child's ADHD Diagnosis, is a short but sweet article written by "ADD/ADHD Expert" Keath Low at About Health, that speaks to the mixed emotions that can come with your child being given an ADHD diagnosis. We love the message of how natural and normal it is to go through a range of emotions going through the process of an assessment and diagnosis, and understanding what that means for your child and your family. Check it out!

Tools to help manage ADHD symptoms: Spire

With the advent of devices like Fitbit, wearable activity trackers are becoming pretty commonplace these days. Recently, however, a client told us about a different kind of activity tracker called Spire, that, along with your steps, tracks your breathing patterns. We were intrigued.

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