What I love about my ADHD/non-ADHD partner...

What I love about my partnerWith Valentine's Day around the corner (don't forget!) we thought we would pay respect to the positive side of ADHD. We often write about the challenges with ADHD and relationships. And yes, there are challenges. But what about the good things - what do you love about your ADHD partner? On the other side, what do you love and appreciate about your non-ADHD partner?

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Springboard in the media: Laura MacNiven in the Globe and Mail

Check out this article written by Laura MacNiven, our Director of Health Education/Coaching: How would my startup far during my mat leave? Surprisingly well, it turned out.

Published in the Globe and Mail, she talks about the issue of maternity leave in business. This is an interesting issue to consider - particularly with an all-female staff. The article is not related to ADHD or mental health, but does talk about learning to step back and share the load. It's a great lesson for us all.

5 Tips for Dealing with Impulsivity at Work

Impulsivity at workImpulsivity in the workplace is an issue for many ADHD adults. Impulsivity is one of the core symptoms of ADHD that impacts both children and adults. For many adults, this isn't a bad thing - impulsivity can equate with fun and creativity. It can lead to big ideas a "typical" person might not think of. 

For others, impulsivity can be damaging. In many workplaces, it isn't encouraged to jump-in and interrupt others in meetings. Bosses don't always care about your good intentions when you take on too much and can't meet a deadline. They don't appreciate the humor in that company-wide email you sent without thinking of the consequences.

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Starting ADHD medication: The emotional reactions they don't tell you about

Starting ADHD medicationIf you're thinking about starting ADHD medication, take note. You may already be aware of the potential side effects and what to expect in general. What we're about to describe is somewhat different. What doesn't often get talked about are the potential emotional reactions to medication.

Working with ADHD children and adults, we've heard about many personal reactions to medication. These are reactions that are not a direct result of the medication in your body. These are secondary reactions that could pop up, such as...

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Lumosity under fire over 'Brain Training' Ads

In an article posted on NBC News online, we learned that company Lumosity will have to pay out $2 million to settle Federal Trade Commission charges against them.

Apparently, they were charged for deceiving customers with false claims that their brain training games could somehow "reduce or delay 'cognitive impairment associated with age and other serious health conditions.'"

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ADHD and Sleep: 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

common sleep mistakesFun Fact: A good night's sleep is absolutely vital to our well-being. We may feel like we can 'get by' on little sleep, but sleep deprivation is harmful for many reasons.

Aside from a list of short and long-term health consequences, if you have an ADHD diagnosis, sleep may be even more essential. For example, sleep deprivation can impact focus and self-regulation. These are two key areas of difficulty with ADHD - so lack of sleep adds to a challenge that's already there.

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