What it's like to have ADHD: An adult woman's perspective

Last week, New York Magazine posted an article on their website called What It's Like to Have ADHD as a Grown Woman. This first person account by Rae Jacobson talks about the impact of the public's misunderstanding of adult ADHD, the frustration of not knowing what was "wrong" with her and then, the relief of a diagnosis. Rae's experience is obviously unique to her, but the story sounds similar to many of the stories we've heard from adults at the clinic. When you have ADHD symptoms but no diagnosis, it can be easily to attribute your challenges to personal failings. With a diagnosis, you can start naming your symptoms for what they are, and separating them from your identity. We strongly recommend checking the article out!

How Inside Out Teaches us about Emotions

Pixar's movie Inside Out has been massively successful since opening at the start of the summer, but what some people might not realize is how educational it is. Inside Out on its own is a well-done, entertaining movie, but it actually does a great job in helping children better understand their emotions, and in helping them wrap their heads around somewhat complex concepts related to emotions.

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Springboard Clinic will be closed from July 31 to August 7

As we approach the midpoint of the summer (I know, we can't believe it either!), Springboard Clinic will be closing for just over a week to give our team some well deserved time off. We will be closed as of Friday July 31st, and returning on Monday August 10th. We always say it, but here it is again: while we're away, be sure to take the time to track your significant moments - good or bad. We'll be be happy to help you work through them when we get back!

See you in August!