Springboard Clinic on CBC's The Nature of Things: ADHD in Adults

Last week, CBC's The Nature of Things with David Suzuki aired ADHD: Not Just for Kids. The episode - focusing on ADHD in adults - featured our own Dr. Ainslie Gray, and we couldn't be more proud of her! Check out the full video in the link.

A quote from the episode's description: "People with ADHD are often the adventurers, the ones willing to take risks, and thus are an important part of our social fabric. ADHD: Not Just For Kids tries to show that children and adults alike can transform their ADHD from a functional shortfall into a strength. It just needs to be recognized in the first place."

Working with a boss with ADHD

Do you have a boss with ADHD that you're having trouble working with? Open about their diagnosis or not, if your boss' symptoms are impacting your work, it's not ideal. For some ideas to rethink your approach, check out this article posted on Office Ninjas called 7 tips for working with your A.D.D. Boss. The article has some solid tips for communication that work well for an ADHD-style brain. One warning: The last tip is a risky move that we don't recommend unless you know FOR SURE your boss is okay with it.

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