Psychoeducational Assessments are not just for ADHD.

We are thrilled to share that Springboard’s psychoeducational assessment services have grown. In addition to offering assessments for ADHD/attention issues, we welcome any students who might be struggling with learning, mental health and executive functioning challenges.

5 Reasons to do a PE Assessment at Springboard (that you might not know!)

  1. We work to understand you through a multidisciplinary lens. During your PE assessment, you will work with a specialist physician (psychiatrist or pediatrician), a clinical psychologist and a coach/therapist. Together, our team takes the time to understand the full picture.
  2. You don’t need to have signs of ADHD to work with us. Attention and mood symptoms can be caused by learning issues or vice versa. We welcome students of all ages who are struggling with mental health, learning and executive functioning challenges. We are not just an ADHD clinic.
  3. We want to support you as you move forward with next steps. We work to understand the “real you” during the assessment process, which makes moving into treatment services more efficient, and often less daunting. Most students continue with coaching/therapy (in person and/or online) and when appropriate, medical care at Springboard.
  4. We offer a strengths based philosophy that focuses on you. We will work to offer as much information as possible about how your brain works academically and cognitively, so you can make strategic choices. We also take the time to understand your wants and needs because we believe in the power of being motivated by your own interests and passions
  5. Our reports are designed to help you. Visual, user-friendly and customized with recommendations from our medical, psychological and coaching experts, we want to ensure your results are accessible and easy to share with your support team.